By george, you can indeed change fonts. My, what wonders technology has bestowed upon us!

Mind you, the blogging software is telling me that I wrote that entry on September 18th. Don't you believe that; it's a lie. A foul, horrid lie. It is actually September 19th. This means one of three things:

  1. There is a massive conspiracy to make everybody think today is yesterday
  2. I actually have gone back in time but WindowsTM can't detect that
  3. There's some way to configure the time zone and I haven't found it yet.

Apart from temporal shifts, I'm still getting my bearings, trying out various HTML gimmicks such as superscripts. Above, for example, I used the <OL> (ordered list) tag – not to be confused with the <LOL> tag, which ... oh, I can't finish that joke.

In our next episode, I write something meaningful.

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