I'm still coughing from that flu bug that's dancing on Toronto's collective windpipe. The symptoms are the aforementioned lung congestion, a sore throat, sniffles, head-blockage, and fleeting thoughts of, "Is this the West Nile Virus?"

My Rx is good old Neo-Citran. It alleviates all of the symptoms quite nicely because it's Extra Strength, you see. It doesn't banish them altogether though. Alas, my local pharmacist doesn't carry the Ultra Extra Mega-Strength variety, which I'm sure must exist somewhere. Unless that "Extra Strength" label is just a fake-out to get me to buy ... no, no, I can't think that way. I need faith in the fine folks who fabricate my favourite pharmacological phenomenon for flu.

Oh, dear, it appears that in the later stages of the disease one develops a severe case of alliteration.

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