The Meetup site finally put up the pictures from the various get-togethers. For September 18 they've got pictures from Toronto, New York City and San Diego.

Ours are better.

It seems that Noo Yawk only had three or four people. San Diego topped them with five. But only Toronto had sixteen people and can prove it.

Of course, it's possible that some other city had dozens of bloggers at their Meetup, but they all forgot to bring a camera. It's not impossible. After all, there were 16 of us and only one of us brought a sign – and it was a pretty lousey sign at that. (I'm allowed to criticize it because it was my sign.)

Rannie has expressed the idea that perhaps GTABloggers don't need the Meetup. Well, maybe we don't need it as such, but I think that it could eventually help out a lot of other local groups on the net, such as the locals from Fark.

The main thing that dissapointed me about the net, after the heyday of BBS's, was that it was non-local. There was an "online community" but it negated the geographic sense of community that BBS's engendered. I think that Meetups can address this deficit.

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