In my previous blog entry, I noted that a couple of people had written messages on my discussion board (by clicking on the "Discuss" link below each article). Okay, so now I know you're out there. And I'd like to ask you a question. However, in my usual rambling style, I'm going to digress first.

On the show Roseanne, there's a memorable scene where the eponymous star is trying to console her friend Crystal. When she fails, she says something like, "Oh, you're just going to go home, drink Margaritas, listen to your Patsy Cline records, and cry." (I have no idea if I quoted that line even remotely correctly.)

So here's my question: what do you listen to when you're down? In my case, nothing makes pain feel good better than listening to "The Best of Muddy Waters". It's a blues album. You know the blues: it's the same tune again and again and again. At least, that's how it sounds to you if you don't like the blues. Kind of like the way that every country song I hear seems to be about a guy crashing his pickup truck into his cheating lover's dog.

Incidentally, if I may digress again, it's interesting to listen to Muddy Waters on a CD player. Here you have a laser-driven techno-whatzit that has a sound-to-noise ratio of one part per billion (which equals 7 dB divided by the hypoteneuse) and a frequency range from ground-shaking rumbles to high-pitched whistles that only dogs can hear (before being run over by a pickup truck). Some of the Muddy Waters songs come from scratchy old 78's, though. This means that each pop and click is reproduced with space-age precision. It's an technological tour-de-farce, but it doesn't detract one bit – this is digital, remember – from the soulfulness of each recording.

Blogs tend to be one-way broadcasts, but if you're into that interactive thing, apparently you can now do it on the Internet. If, due to my digressions, you've forgotten the original question, I want to know what music you listen to when you're sad. Just click on "Discuss" (see it now?) and share the hurt.

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