This evening I met with the building's superintendent in the lobby and we handed out candy to about 150 kids. It was fun, of course, but why aren't these kids being taught the rules? When we said, "What are you supposed to say?" they'd reply, "Please?" Uh, that's nice, but what happened to "Trick or Treat"? You're supposed to know your lines!

Costumes also seem to be a dying art. There was one girl who had an amazingly convincing simulated knife through the head, but many of the kids weren't even trying.

Still, this is reality. Well, real fantasy, anyway. Have you ever noticed that when sitcoms have a Hallowe'en episode, everybody wears impossibly elaborate costumes?

Okay, I got nuthin'.

The thing is, right now I'm watching the show "30 Seconds to Fame". This has got to be the ultimate show for people with a short attention spa—

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