Review of "The Ring"

"Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?" Sorry, I can't get that ABBA song out of my head. I'm positively upbeat tonight, which is odd, considering I just saw what was supposed to be a scary movie.

Yesterday (Tuesday) evening, six GTA bloggers went to see the movie "The Ring". Our crew comprised Jen, Jay, Josie, Graig, myself and a Blogger To Remain Nameless. BTRN will remain nameless because while the rest of us rated the movie's scare-factor as "mildly intriguing", she actually found it frightening.

In her defense, there's a scene near the beginning of the movie where a ringing phone is the harbinger of death. It was at that very moment that her cellphone went off. We didn't know about this because she had kindly switched it to vibrate mode, so the phone didn't trill but merely shook. As did she for the rest of movie, apparently.

Anyway, in the film, there's a deadly video tape springs out of the VCR and sinks its fangs into – oh, wait, that's another film. Revenge of the Betamax. In this film, watching a particular video tape will result in your eventual demise. The movie follows a Seattle reporter and her ex-husband as they try to figure out what it all means.

I'm not sure why, but this appears to be a popular film. The theatre was packed. In order for our group to sit together, we were obliged to take seats in the second row. I was glad the movie was not in 3D, as we would have been looking up the actors' nostrils.

Was the movie scary? No. But it did make me think. Specifically, it made me think, "I paid $8.50 for this?"

I would recommend waiting until you can rent "The Ring" on tape. Maybe watching this film about a deadly videotape on a VCR will make it seem more scary. But I rather doubt it.

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