Well, Deck My Halls!

Ack! It's 4:26 AM on October 1st and I've just seen my first advertisement on TV for a Christmas music CD! I'm sorry, guys, but at the moment I'm not really making plans to have an Anne Murray Christmas. I think she's got a wonderful voice and all that, but am I going to have to listen to her Yule excerpts for the next 85 days?

I find it interesting that I saw the first commercial of this type on October 1st. It's as if the advertisers were lined up at the television station with a stop-watch and a calendar. "We can't possibly start during September, can we?"

Heck, why not? It's not even Hallowe'en yet. They haven't even started selling bags of cheap candy at my local convenience store. So here's an idea: we have so many TV channels now, why don't we set up an All-Christmas channel? All Santa, all the time.

Ack! Or did I already say that?

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