Crank up the Religion

Jesus is back, he's got a web site, and it's ugly.

Like any large community, the Internet has its fair share of oddballs, but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. Case in point: the site of Ted Jesus – a fellow who thinks he's the Incarnation of the Second Coming.

I mentioned that site to prepare you for the one that promotes "The Gospel of Timothy". No, not the epistles that appear in the canonical Bible, but an entirely new book, published in the 1990's, with an ISBN number and everything! (I don't think the Bible has an ISBN number, but if it does, it's probably 1-00001-001-1).

After you've viewed Timothy's site, you might enjoy reading the comments about it on Amazon.com. If you're too busy to read them all, just skimming the titles of the reviews will give you the gist. They include: "Awful", "What?!", "How?" and "A must read for psych students". (There are also a few positive reviews that I suspect may have been written by shills, if not the author himself.)

There is no shortage of self-proclaimed prophets out there, but this Timothy guy presents me with some special problems. We are both interested in religious matters (I help people who have left Jehovah's Witnesses), we both write books (mine helps people overcome their fear of flying) ... and we're both named Timothy Campbell.

A couple of years ago, a friend stumbled upon the other Timothy's site (which you can view here if you have a high tolerance for the weird). He thought I had created a parody and complimented me on my accurate depiction of a nut. If only it were so!

I sometimes worry that somebody might confuse the two of us. Indeed, I once received an email book order for the "Gospel of Timothy". I tried to offer them my book instead, but they weren't afraid to fly.

If you haven't searched Google for your own name, perhaps this would be a good time. I've given you an excuse to do so without feeling egotistical. You should find out who out there may be besmirching your good name.

Of course, if your name is Jesus, your search will probably get more hits than you can comfortably review before the Apocalypse.

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