A Joke I Heard Yesterday

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A man and his wife are playing golf when he slices to the left. The ball goes clear off the grounds and smashes through the window of a neighbouring house. They hop the fence and go over to apologize.

The man who answers the door doesn't seem angry; in fact, he seems pleased. "Thank you! I am, in fact, a genie, and your ball smashed the lamp that has imprisoned me for 3000 years! I shall grant you three wishes!"

"Gosh," says the man, "I'd like a Porsche."

"So it shall be," is the reply. "When you return to the parking lot, you will find your car has turned into a Porsche. And what would you like, ma'am?"

The wife is not impressed by her husband's lack of vision. Somewhat dryly, she answers, "Give me a million dollars."

"So it shall be! When you next check your bank account, it will have a balance of one million dollars."

The husband is now jumping for joy. The wife sports a wide grin.

Their benefactor then says, "Listen, I've been trapped in that lamp for 3000 years. Would it be acceptable to you if I used the third wish myself?"

The couple consult and agree that it seems fair. The nature of the wish is pretty much along the lines of what one would expect, considering the period of imprisonment: "I would like to take your wife into the bedroom."

The wife tells her husband that the request is not unreasonable, and he concurs. She then follows the fellow upstairs and spends an hour that is, well, magical. Thereafter, he asks her, "How old is your husband?"

"He's 32."

"And he still believes in genies!?"

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