Law and Investigation: A Series of Series

Last night I watched "Law & Order: Criminal Intent". I also watch the original series (L&E:TOS, I guess you'd call it, a la Star Trek), but I give L&E:SVU a miss. There's something about sex crimes that just isn't entertaining to me. Give me a good murder any day. (Well, not me personally.)

I've also been watching Crime Scene Investigation, also known as CSI, and now necessarily CSI:TOS, because now we've got CSI:Miami. CSI is currently one of the top-rated shows – hence the spin-off. If the Miami show does well, you can expect, umm, CSI:Dallas or something.

At that point, there will be three L&E's and three CSI's. I see a bit of a showdown, here. CSI has the edge, because all it has to do is come up with different cities (CSI:Dubuque, CSI:Anchorage, CSI:Podunk etc.). Law & Order has a harder job, because they're department oriented and they're pretty much welded to New York.

So what can they come up with? I envision: Law & Order: Traffic Patrol. Every week you get to see dedicated meter maids chasing after scofflaws who try to jump into their car even after the meter has expired. What about the scoundrel who tries to pry the boot off his front wheel with a crowbar, huh? And how about ... ummm ... oh, I've got it: speeding tickets! They deal with those, right? Cars zooming around for 60 minutes? I tell you, it'll be riveting television.

Frankly, I think L&E will out-last CSI. I only have one beef with the show. The credits never show: Dead Body played by So-and-So. Think that's not acting? You try holding your breath through 14 takes!

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