Writing a Blog Can be Hard

Writing a blog can be hard. Even coming up with a witty title for each blog entry is a challenge, QED.

That's not all. I can't manage, each day, to come up with some news tidbit to flap the unflappable, or a discovery to flabbergast the unflabbergastable, or a lurid tale to scrute the inscrutable.

So I see why most bloggers end up returning to the original "Web Log" idea of blogging, posting links to interesting sites they've visited instead of concocting their own content.

I'm going to do that right now by heartily recommending a guide to critical analysis of claims of amazing breakthroughs. Yes, even more amazing than the Salad Shooter. Check out Bob Park's Seven Signs of Voodoo Science.

I've re-read what I wrote so far and ... I think I'll go look for a site entitled "Seven Signs of Bad Writing".

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