Am I Smart?

I don't know if you remember Omni magazine, but they once featured a quiz called "The World's Hardest IQ Test". It was indeed very difficult. As I recall, most of them were sequences of images. In some you had to pick, from a selection of options, the next image in the sequence. In others, you had to identify the "odd one out". (To the non-geniuses out there, "One of these is not liiike the other. One of these does not belong.")

I got a lot of wrong answers. I say they were wrong because they didn't match the answer sheet. Unfortunately, they never explained why each solution was "correct".

Now, I didn't pick any answer at random; I had a reason for each one. To this day I can't tell if that means I'm dumber than Kevin Langdon, the person who designed the test, or I was able to see subtleties that eluded him.

Alas, I'm too un-smart to see a way out of this enigma.

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