Another Fifteen Minutes

Gee, I got interviewed again. This time, a guy from Shift magazine talked to me and Zhan about Meetups, blogging and the GTA Bloggers. Click here to read the article.

So now I'm famous. Mind you, he refers to me as "Tim Campbell". I'm fairly sure I asked him to call me "Timothy". I say that to pretty much everybody. Grrr. Oh, and there's no way I described myself as a "software bohemian". I've told people I'm a "computer bohemian" since I became one in 1985. Two boo-boos in one paragraph. You just can't believe what you read online any more.

Interesting terminology in that article. I've never heard the word "meatspace", before. I prefer the acronym "RL" (Real Life). "Meatspace" sounds ... kind of icky. "Facetime-inclined netizens"!? Yikes! I guess I must be really out of it if I'm not hep to the latest jive.

The writer is certainly correct about one thing: the Meetup concept isn't catching on. I've done all I can to promote it in Toronto, yet I don't see it gaining any momentum. I'm starting to lose hope. Well, at least they put me in touch with the local bloggers, and I'm grateful for that!

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