Any Gary Numan Fans Out There?

I was at a Meetup last night (for Toronto atheists) and met a fellow named Pierre who has produced some, shall we say, alternative versions of songs by Gary Numan. Most of you have already heard the song "Cars", and many may have heard the song "Are Friends Electric?" (one of my favourite Numan songs). Unfortunately, neither of these are spoofed on the site, but he does have an odd version of "Down in the Park".

The original was an exceedingly dark and scary vision of a dystopian future. If you don't believe me, check out the lyrics. Eek! If these spook you, too, you can read somebody's somewhat desperate high school paper on what they mean.

What I can't figure out is why various sites have different renditions of the lyrics. I mean, they were right there in the liner notes! Well, they were there on the original vinyl version of the album. I don't know about these new-fangled CD's.

The versions on the Pierre's site are not quite so frightening, which is nice, because the actual tune is quite lovely.

Interestingly enough, it turns out I already knew Pierre from the Ontario Skeptics. I didn't know he was also an atheist, and I didn't know he had musical talent. It's amazing what you learn at these Meetups.

You can visit Pierre's site here. You'll need MP3 capability, which is probably already built into your browser unless you're soldiering along with Windows 95 or something. Some of the links are broken for some reason, but if you're a true Gary Numan fan, you'll keep right on clicking until you hit one of Pierre's strange renditions.

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