In Praise of Google

There's an interesting MSNBC article about Google. Click here to check it out!

I love Google. I couldn't live without Google. Me seem smart with Google.

The article describes Google's Web crawler as "hyperactive". It certainly is! Google is never more than one day behind in indexing my blog. I'd like to think that that's because my blog is so important, but it's more likely that their crawler has noticed that it is updated relatively frequently and thus crawls it often.

Incidentally, the article compares Google to the Oracle at Delphi. That's not a bad comparison, though I don't know if strange fumes waft up from Google's servers. I think a more apt comparison is to the computer "Shalmanser" from John Brunner's classic science fiction novel "Stand on Zanzibar". That certainly foreshadowed how Google is being used, and the author showed amazing prescience: the book was published in 1968.

How did I know it was first published in '68? I searched for that information on Google, of course.

Me seem smart.

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