Three Annoyances

Y'know what annoys me? I just started working on my 2002 tax spreadsheet. I'm getting killed with all these taxes! Yup, the perennial enemies of humanity – death and taxes – annoy me. In fact, if they held a protest march against death, I'd participate. I'd also march against taxes, but that's less likely to change anything.

I'm also annoyed by people who don't respond to email. For example, if I see a web site I really like, I'll sometimes dash off a quick note to say "Thanks for making your site available!" and then I'll tell them a few things I specifically like about it, so that my letter isn't just a chirpy bit of fluff. But I rarely get acknowledgements when I do that. Not even a form letter.

Well, here's a record I'm proud of: I have responded to every single person who has ever written me an email, no matter how nasty they might be. Oh, I don't correspond with each person forever, but everybody who writes to me gets affirmation at least once.

This leads me to an idea for this blog. See the "Email" link below? Write to me with a question or comment on any subject and I'll answer you – either via email or here on the blog (probably both). No, I'm not starved for email. Say what you will about spam, at least it lets you know that you exist. Okay, so you only exist as an entry in a database, but it's better than nothing. Come to think of it, getting spam is much better than getting a registered letter from the tax department. (Is there an emoticon for "shudder"?)

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