You're Already in the Future

Remember that web site you designed back when you first learned HTML? Do you think that now that you've deleted it you've forever hidden your shame? Think again!

The Wayback Machine (named after Professor Peabody's gadget from Rocky and Bullwinkle) has been carefully archiving websites for many years. I just took a look at something I cobbled together in 1999 and all I can say is "Sorry."

So be careful what you post on the net, because your great-great-great-grandchild might one day look at it and think, "Gosharootie, my ancestors were dweebs!"

Note: I expect that by 2102 our children will not be saying words like "gosharootie" and "dweeb". You might even be called ... a spanzak! (Great Milliquox, I shuren hope Our Benevolent Censorbot – may we all be blessed for exinting his name – didn't nullify that.)

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