Another Cagey Cat

Remember the "Hang In There" cat? His or her famous poster (an example of which I cannot find on the net) has provided ever so many people with inspiration and the fortitude to carry on.

Well, I think his older brother is also having a less-than-ideal day. Click here to view his wonderful, meme-worthy picture.

I was looking on Google to try to figure out where this picture originally came from, but there are so many links that it would take a long, long time to track it back to its source. In a similar way, I never did figure out the back-story of Fark's favourite feline, known as "Cliché Kitty".

Ah, the Internet, where innovative ideas get stolen again and again. If I ever create a graphic that I think is particularly memorable, I'm going to have to figure out some way to subtly incorporate one of my URL's in the background.

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