An Historical Online Event!

Yes, you are here to see an historical event, the world's first live blog entry!

What's that? Well, we're just about to go live, so I'll have to explain it during the event itself.

And here we go...

Okay, I have just put a piece of cardboard over my backspace key. ANy mistakesw I make from here on in are going to have to stand for the way they are. Hoo, lordy, what a bad sentence that was.

Is this just some silly exercise? Some moronic attmpt at humour? Some wallowing in self-reference? No, not quote. Quite. Argh.

Oh, I ho ACK! should point out that I have a macro program to ensure that I don't mess up my HTML. Apart from that, though, I'm working without a net. Now, to explain what this is all about...

When you read what I r (gosh but I want that backspace key back) what I write, you see the polished finaly product. I proof-read what I write, sometimes two or three times. In other words, you never get to see the "real" me, but the spurced (that was supposed to be "spruced") up and clean-shaven me. Darn, I want to go back and turn that period into a comma. Onwards...

Yet despite this, I assert that people are "more like themselves online than they are in real life". (No, I haven' t said that here in my blog, but my friends know that it's something I sawy ([say[}) a lot. (Retroactive editing is a cure worse than the diesease). ))))) There, that should close the parentheses.

I sometimes talk about something I call "Keyboard bravery". When you put somebody online and they can't see the people w to whom they're talking, they can be ever so much bolder than they are in person. I've seen real fire-breathers at in-person get-toegethers, and they're just pussy-cats. It's something I've noticed for many years, and I've been meeting computer-type people since the early 70's.

I want my backspace key back.

I once designed a message system known as "SASSy" (Stark aAnd Simply SYstem) that was the online equivalent of a grafitti board. Such boards are now all the rage (as "guest books") but back then I thought I was being clever. Anyway, once you typed in a line and press ed "Enter", that was IT. One fellow said, "It's like the board sucks the words right out of me." Yet because of the freedom, people were very much themselves. (The board was also utterly anonymous.)

I made some very good friends on the SASSy board. I found that there were scertain people who were nice when they didn't have to be. I concluded that there they (argh!) I'll start again. I concluded that they were ihnherently nice. Even when they blew their top a bit and could not backspace their way out of it, they were still basically civil. How could I not like them? I've nknown these people for many years and I've not changed my opinion of them.

Okay, now omcomes the big challenge. I am going to save this entry and although I'm going to read it over again, I'm not going to change one things. Thing. No matter how bad it lokolsdfjsdljlkfslk looks, I'm going to leave it be. You will see what I truly look like when I type (although I don't usually insert comments about how much I'd like to backspace).

Wlelcome to reality. Hope you like it. I've heard it's over-rated.

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