How to Pronounce the Word "Blog"

I was just over at the Sitemeter site, seeing how people stumble upon my little corner of the net. I found out, for example, that several people have inspected what I wrote about the Panasonic SA-PM01 CD player (short version: feh).

Oddly enough, several people have come in via Google trying to find out how to pronounce the word "Blog".

Excuse me? Buh Luh Aww Guh. Blog. Where's the mystery, my friends? Didn't Sesame Street teach you anything?

I've invented a lot of words, especially for the game Pyroto Mountain. In fact, I had to invent several thousand terms to name the various locales and characters in that game. I've heard a bewildering variety of pronunciations, too— and they seldom agree with mine. But I can understand that somebody might hesitate when presented with the name TSOTL (the main entity in the game, sort of). So I won't get overly excited about this. But "blog"!?

However, I've always tried to be a good netizen, so I'll do my bit.

Here are some words that rhyme with "blog", neatly arranged in alphabetical order:

Agog, Bog, Clog, Cog, Dog, Eggnog, Fog, Frog, Gog (from the Bible), Hog, Jog, Log, Nog (from "Star Trek: DSN"), Pog (the game), Quahog (from "Family Guy"), an epithet I'm not going to type here, and Zog (the Albanian king).

Here are some words that start with the same first two letters:

Blank, Blithering, Blimp, Blotto, Blister, Blather, Blalock (to keep with the Star Trek theme).

Take what we've learned so far. Put it all together. There you have it: this is a blog.

I'm curious about something, though. If somebody doesn't know how to say a simple word like "blog", how did they manage to type the word "pronounce" into a search engine? More to the point, how many people will be seeking the answer to this perplexing riddle and never find my explanation?

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