Know Your Heathens

In the spirit of someone who has only had four hours of sleep, I'm not going to write anything clever today. I'll just post a link to a site about Celebrity Atheists. This will let you know who is (or has been suspected of being) bereft of deistic beliefs.

Many names there will sound familiar, and a few may surprise you (though some will not). One entry that intrigued me was that of mathematician John Horton Conway. He was a boyhood hero of mine because he invented the Game of Life, which was a big hit for computer nerds such as yours truly. (If you found that last link fascinating— it has a lovely "Life" applet, eh?— it means that you too are a nerd. In such case, see this site for additional excitement.)

Incidentally, I got to meet John Horton Conway once, and shake his hand! It was quite a thrill, though in recalling the event I'm reminded of an observation by comedian Robert Klein (link includes audio from one of his albums from the 1970's). He pointed out that men of science don't have "groupies". I do hope that while Mr. Conway was visiting he got his fair share of adulation. As it was, though, a hand shake was as much as I was willing to do, all things considered.

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