More Tales from the Future

I was recently checking out an article from an issue of Aeroplane magazine from January 1948. Yes, I said 1948. I'm a bit behind on my reading, okay? Anyway, I spotted this item:

Several months ago a spate of reports from various parts of the world gave rise to much speculation as to the identity of peculiar aerial objects referred to rather expressively as "flying saucers". These proved to be a ten-days' wonder and soon all mention of them ceased.

Uh, I guess they don't get the prize for being clairvoyant, eh? Let's read on...

Recently, however, a report from America indicates that a form of flying saucer has appeared again — this time in a new and more colourful guise. The latest manifestation is said to have been a red cone half the size of the moon, trailing green mist.

Gee, and all we get these days are the regular flying saucers. I'd really like to see one of those green misty thingies.

Okay, so maybe you're used to getting links from something a bit more contemporary. I'd give you a link to the article, but the Internet wasn't very well developed back in '48. Back then it was just two tin cans and a piece of string. A little later that year they added a third can, but the gateway connection (or as they called it then, a knot) affected the aptly named "net-work" with a 7 dB loss. As a result, the development of the Internet would languish for two more decades.

Man, that's some nerdy humour right there. Still, I expect at least a couple of technogeeks out there are ROFL'ing or whatever the trendy acronym is at the moment.

So you think there's something odd about linking (or almost linking) to lame prediction from 55 years ago? Well, sorry, but plenty of people link to prognosticatory articles that are even older.

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