When the Cat's Away...

I've recently completed designing a new program for Windows called BurgBuster. I've shipped out copies to a few friends and those who weren't busy or nursing a New Year's hangover have reported that it seems to do what it was intended to do, which isn't much.

BurgBuster is a simple burglar alarm. It uses psychology and your computer's existing hardware to turn your Windows machine into a really cheap security system. I could go into great detail but I've already set up a web site to do that. After downloading the program and trying it out, you might find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the web site amusing. I find it difficult to create any product without injecting a few jokes into it. Good thing I don't manufacture defibrillators.

But to give you the quick overview, BurgBuster watches your keyboard and your mouse for some sign that somebody's lurking in your living room and touching things they shouldn't. I originally came up with this idea in 1988 when I it suddenly occured to me that a computer mouse is a motion detector. (Well, duh.) Out of curiosity I jostled the desk and noticed that the cursor moved. Oh, and I spilled some coffee.

The product won't be formally released for another day or two and thus has not yet hit the search engines. If you search for BurgBuster on Google it will think you made a mistake and return nearly 3000 references to "bugbuster". I'm going to have to find out what that is, because even when I came up with the name BurgBuster I knew that I'd see it misspelled in just about every email that made reference to it. Indeed, as I writing the documentation I sometimes typed "BurbBuster". What might that be? Perhaps it's a euphemism for Wal-Mart.

If you find any bugs in the program, you can write to me at tim_you_blew_it@burgbuster.com.

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