Am I Blog or Not?

I rarely do what many other blogs do, which is post various links with minumum commentary and without perplexing digressions. So is this really a blog? If a blogger posts on the net and nobody reads it, will anybody care if he gets carpal tunnel syndrome? (There's a koan even your Zen roshi hasn't considered yet.)

Nonetheless, I'm going to do that right now. Or at least, I'm going to try to.

I just visited an amusing site named "Am I Annoying?". As the title suggests, it's another variation of the genre that was started by Hot Or Not— maybe. I'm not sure. That's the first one I heard of. Another variation is the dark and bizarre stylings of Goth or Not.

Most of these "or not" sites get pretty boring after a while and the results aren't particuarly interesting, but I found "Am I Annoying?" amusing and even thought-provoking. For example, did you know that Canada ("Occupation: Nation") has been voted as not annoying? Gosh!

Anyway, I said I wouldn't blather on and on about this link, so I suppose it's time I stopped typ—

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