Brainwashing Day

A friend pointed me towards a wonderful web page commenting on those absurd "laundry balls" that purport to clean your clothes by dint of the operation of sub-atomic physics. (Translated: prove that it doesn't work, eh?) You can read all about it here.

If you're too busy to peruse the whole thing, here's a great quote from a person who is less than convinced that these gadgets have unleashed the power of esoteric particles:

It has nothing to do with quantum mechanics, or activated water, or anything else of that sort. The science behind these devices is psychology: they make you feel comfortable using less detergent, or none at all.... it's the instructions, not the devices, that "work."

How true! When I do my laundry, it says to put in a certain amount of detergent, and by golly, that's how much I put in. What the heck do I know about how much is "enough"? They tell, I do.

I think of myself as skeptical, but sometimes I'm such a sheep. When I wash my hair, I do indeed "wash, rinse, repeat", even though I've read that the extra step only gets your hair about 2% cleaner while simultaneously blasting away the last of the natural oils that it needs. Or words to that effect. I'm not a hairologist.

Well, enough is enough. I'm going to strike a blow for Free Will and stop mindlessly following instructions. Tomorrow, at breakfast, I'm going to pour tomato juice on my corn flakes instead of milk. That'll show 'em!

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