Zoning Out In Canada

I just discovered a map of the time zones of Canada. I didn't realize that there are individual pockets of resistance— tiny areas that eschew the surrounding time zone and defiantly insist on using another one. Click here to see a map that demonstrates this. (In particular, note certain areas in the North-East.)

Until now, I thought the oddest thing about Canada's time zones was Newfoundland being half an hour ahead of everybody else.

If, like me, you have a fetish for maps (sorry, I think it's genetic), you'll find lots of other interesting stuff at that site. For example, I find the Sun Clock especially fun to look at.

I think they now have a 12-Step program for people like me.

One of these days or nights, I'm going to work out exactly how the "International Date Line" works. I'm still pretty sure that if I cross it at just the right angle I can go back and save Abraham Lincoln.

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