Burn Your Video Card!

About 16 months ago I signed up to Rogers Video (one of the biggest rental chains in Ontario). I was just about to rent some tapes when I happened to read the back of my membership card. I walked straight out of the store and have never rented a single tape from them.

I've destroyed part of the card, but I kept the "terms" half because it's so outrageous. Here are some highlights:

3. If the card is lost or stolen, the renter is liable for all charges incurred through the use of the card until its return to Rogers Video or receipt by Rogers Video of written notice of its loss or theft.

Note that it's not enough to phone Rogers. They can keep on billing you until the thief voluntarily turns in the card, or until you can prove that they received your letter. Even credit cards cut you more slack than this!

Brace yourself for the next one. It's so bad that I think that anybody who owns a Rogers Video card should destroy it immediately...

4. Any charges incurred by the renter through use of the card and as recorded by Rogers Video's computer or other calculating procedures shall be deemed conclusive and properly incurred unless the renter can demonstrate a manifest error within 48 hours of such charge being recorded.

Translation: If we make a mistake, or if our computer's software has a bug in it, you have to find out about it. It's then entirely up to you to prove to us that our mistake is not your fault. Moreover, if you don't do all this within 2 days, you still owe us for our mistake, no matter how big it is.

I can scarcely imagine a worse clause in a contract! But wait, it does indeed get worse!

5. In the event of non-payment of charges on a renter's account, the renter authorizes Rogers Video to apply the outstanding charges to the renter's credit card that was provided as identification.

Translation: Even if it wasn't your fault that our computer says you took out 100 videos last Tuesday, we can still bill you for the cost of replacing all of them.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it gets still worse!

6. The renter agrees to pay costs of collection and reasonable legal fees in the event legal action becomes necessary.

Translation: If we sue you because you're not honouring this absurd contract, you have to pay for our lawyers!

I'm sorry, folks, but there's no way I am renting a single video from this company!

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