The Return of the 1970's Canadian Sitcom

Oh. My. Goodness.

I haven't made a blog entry lately, what with the war and all (like you need to hear another opinion?) but I just learned something tonight that has me shuddering in horror.

They are making an updated version of The Trouble with Tracy!

If you're not Canadian, you probably don't know what you missed. You lucky person, you.

They ran a retrospective airing of the original series tonight so we could remember how truly awful this show was. And next week we'll be able to experience a brand new take on the affront. Click here to read all about the re-make.

Those who do not learn from history ... who made this decision!?

Y'know what, though? I was only 13 when the first of 130 (!) episodes aired. I was raised in a strict Christian home where rock 'n' roll records weren't allowed, sex did not exist, and thinking too much was a sin. You know Rod and Todd Flanders? Yeah, now you got it. "The Trouble With Tracy" was the kind of show I was allowed to watch.

And by golly — even my invective is still recovering — when I recall watching that show, I remember having enjoyed it. "Tracy" was (to my young-teen eyes) incredibly attractive, and I had so little idea of what reality was that I didn't know the show was abysmal.

No, no, the fact that I was only 13 and lived a cloistered existence was no excuse. I must make amends. So I'll tune in to the first show and force myself to watch at least 10 minutes' worth. Let the punishment fit the crime, I say.

I wonder if the new Tracy is cute, too?

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