War Annoys Me

Okay, this blog will finally say something about The War. You knew it would happen eventually, didn't you? A blog mentioning The War?

Actually, I won't comment about the war directly. Rather, I have something to say about the reporting on CNN. They recently mentioned that the bridges leading into Baghdad were wired with explosives, and then reported that some government agency said that "this is just like a terrorist act".

Excuse me? Blowing up bridges has been a standard military tactic since at least the US Civil War.

CNN passed along this nugget of government "information" without giving the historical background that would have put it in proper context. Is CNN not aware that most readers don't know much about military history?

I've also been following CNN's "War Tracker" map at their web site. (I'll leave it as an entertaining mystery for you to guess CNN's URL.) One day I noticed that the map suddenly showed no troop icons in the North. There was an utter absence of commentary about this omission. One day their icons were there, the next day ... not so much. That isn't news?

On an unrelated matter, I do wonder if CNN has a department that vetos commercials that may be shown during war coverage. After all, it would probably be considered pretty tacky to air an advert for life insurance.

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