The Fine Print

I just saw a TV ad for the Super 7 lottery. It said, in huge letters:

$ 3 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

and then in teeny-weeny letters in the bottom right corner:


What possessed them to try to sneak that "Estimated" by us? Are they're worried we're going to turn up our nose at a paltry $29,538,384?

I actually bought a ticket for this lottery. I buy maybe two lottery tickets per year. My philosophy is that I need to do at least one really pointless thing every four months. (The other pointless thing I do each year is buy a copy of Weekly World News.)

The drawing for the lottery is Friday evening. If you hear a loud "Woo-hoo!" emanating from Scarborough that night, it means that I'll have a really bitchin' T1 Internet connection on Monday. And on Tuesday, an unlisted phone number.

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