I'm Still Standing

Well, I haven't updated my blog for a while, but for those readers outside Toronto let me assure that it is because I've been busy, not because I'm suffering from you-know-what.

It's alarming how people are reacting to the word "Toronto" now, or even "Ontario". My aunt from Montréal was forbidden by her nursing home to visit family in Belleville — a 2-hour drive from Toronto — because they didn't want her to wipe everybody out when she returned. I guess people in Québec think that there's some kind of barrier at the border. That's nonsense, because we know the virus is multilingual.

I participate in a daily online chat and I've taken some grim pleasure in teasing the Americans about their misconceptions. (Well, I always do that, but now even more so.) When they ask me about the weather in Toronto I say, "Sunny, with intermittent SARS." I'm mostly met with stoney silence, with a few comments about my fortitude in the face of hardship. Good grief.

Perhaps it's time to rename SARS to MIFO — Media-Inspired Freak-Out.

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