A Good Party Topic

Tonight I heard that not much is known about the man who taught Democritus (that ancient Greek guy who first proposed that things were made of itty-bitty things that he dubbed atoms).

"Not much is known" is a bit of an understatement. Apparently most of what Democritus' teacher wrote down has been lost. All that remains is ... a single sentence.


Assume now that as you're reading this blog entry, an asteroid with something to prove smashes into your abode and squashes you flat. Everything you own is now two-dimensional. Including your clothes, which you were in. All that remains to commemorate you are the things you wrote on the Internet.

Now further suppose that a really bad Internet worm wipes out everything you ever wrote there except for one sentence.

Which single sentence of yours would you most want to have rescued from the cyber-meltdown?

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