Correction to Yesterday's Blog Entry

Synecdoche. I meant "synecdoche", not "metonymy".

In my defense, "synecdoche" is really hard to spell.

Actually, I think the actual word I want is "synecdochery". But I believe that's illegal in 7 provinces and 48 states. Or maybe it's something I heard Ned Flanders say.

I'm too tired to think of the final quip in the comedic rule of threes. So sue me.

Speaking of threes, at today's Humanist meeting we came up with a list of the three things that people don't say often enough. Intriguingly enough, each one has three syllables.

Three Things People Don't Say Frequently Enough

1.  I was wrong
2.  I don't know
3.  I love you

Just in passing, people also don't say "synecdoche" enough. And hey, three syllables!

Well, not really. It's pronounced "sih-neck-dih-kee". It looks like it should have three syllables. Who the heck invented that word?

Etymology: Latin, from Greek synekdochE, from syn- + ekdochE sense, interpretation, from ekdechesthai to receive, understand, from ex from + dechesthai to receive; akin to Greek dokein to seem good

Oh. Put in my place by a text box. A pale blue text box.

Well, darn those dolmadakiaphages.

I really, really, really need some sleep.

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