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Am I the only person who is getting tired of "Tenzing, the canine lifeline"?

I have nothing against pooches as a species, but doggone it they air that commercial a lot. Isn't there some other dog they could talk about? Maybe they could pull one of the Lassies out of retirement?

The people who create commercials know that you've got to show the same ones fairly often so that they will stick in your mind. I still remember the name of the lady from the 1970's commercial who was "a walking drugstore". Ruth Hicky. What a waste of brain cells!

Mind you, I don't remember what product Ms. Hicky should have been using instead. I suspect that when a commercial airs often enough, my brain rebels and erects a defensive perimeter around the information to maintain my tenuous grasp on sanity. The mission of the advertising exec, though, is to figure just how much exposure is too much, and expose me to one less commercial than that.

Ack. Now I've got that "Zoom zoom zoom" song in my head. I think it's about a car.

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