That Little Red X

You may have noticed that my graphics are missing. At least, you'll have noticed that if you're reading this before December 1, 2003.

I recently released a freeware program named TextHarvest™ (note the trademark symbol — see the previous blog entry and try to make some connection).

Anyway, TextHarvest was pretty darn popular and the downloads blew my ISP account out the window. Rogers shut me down. I grrr at them. Grrr, I say!

Anyway, I moved the download to ... AOL. Yes, old reliable, omigawd-you're-an-AOLer AOL. Once again it saves my bacon. I'm getting tired of apologizing for using that service. It's darn good, you know! Even if they do overflow the landfill sites with those pesky CD-ROMs they give to everybody, his dog, and his dog's fleas.

Want a copy of TextHarvest? Click here. Go on, you know you want to.

What? You want to know what it does? Gosh. Well, wait until December 1st when Rogers lets my web space out of its cage. Then you can find out.

I'm just brim-full o' mystery today, ain't I?

Yup, I'm definitely full o' something.

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