Toronto Made Me a Weenie

It's true. Yesterday the thermometer dropped to a nippy -20 Celsius (-4F) and I thought it was cold.

Montréal (where I was born and ill-bred) is a lot colder than Toronto. In fact, the first time I came back from hunting for apartments in T.O., I couldn't help noticing that there was no snow on the ground until the moment I crossed the Québec border. I would say that there is at least one month's less winter here, and we don't get buried under snow drifts the way we do in La Belle Province.

Oh, sure, due to the temperature yesterday my parka got all crackly as it stiffened up, and birds were falling out of the sky and shattering. But I'm supposed to be Canadian, darn it. I have become so wimpified that I actually zipped up my jacket.

Goodness knows what would happen to me if I moved to Vancouver.

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