Painkiller, Anybody?

I just finished playing a demo of the latest Doom-like game, known as Painkiller. Normally I don't write about such things, but I'm curious about the fact that I wasn't able to find cheat codes, strategy guides or whatnot on the web. So I'd like to see what happens when I write a few tips of my own.

Well, mainly one tip, involving the Thor character in the Ruins in the demo. He's the one who's as tall as a skyscraper, and carries a gynormous hammer. Oh, and he pounds everything into rubble, mostly with the aim of turning you into something two-dimensional.

This Thor guy is big. Really, really big. According to the game-maker's site, he has an "Achilles Heel", but they don't say what it is. They say it's a waste of ammo shooting at him until you figure it out. Well, while you're pondering this, you die. So this brings me to my strategy...

Big dude. Big hammer. Bad attitude. What should you do? Run away, right? Wrong.

It turns out the safest place is between his legs. He can't swing the hammer down there. So every time I could, I'd run towards him. Once between his legs, I'd fire upwards at, errr, his loin-cloth. After about half an hour of this, his hammer disappeared. A few minutes more like that (lots of running, lots of jumping over rubble), I vanquished him and collapsed back into my chair.

I am not sure if somehow I did find his Achilles Heel. All I know is that the next time I'm fighting a monster as tall as the Eiffel Tower, I'll know precisely what to do.

And to think they say computer games don't teach us useful life skills.

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