How To Write a Press Release

That's the subject I searched for on Google, so I assume other people will do the same. If they do so before this Saturday, they'll find this extremely interesting information ...



Toronto Skeptical Exposition Features $1000 Psychic Challenge

TORONTO, Canada - If you have psychic powers, you could win a thousand dollars at the Skeptical Exposition in Toronto on Saturday, September 25, 2004. The free contest lets attendees test their ESP by predicting the contents of five envelopes. Participants can view, in advance, the full set of images from which the pictures were chosen.

The Psychic Challenge is a popular feature at the Exposition, being held for the third time in Toronto. Previously known as the Psychic UnFair, the Exposition presents lectures, demonstrations, displays, games, and critical assessment of crop circles, UFOs, ESP, alternative medicine, hoaxes, and other controversial claims.

The Skeptical Exposition is presented by Skeptics Canada, Ontario Skeptics Society for Critical Inquiry, and the University of Toronto Skeptics.

The Exposition is free to the public. It takes place at the Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle, University of Toronto, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. For additional information, visit www.skeptics.ca.

Contact: Timothy Campbell, Vice-Chair, Skeptics Canada
Telephone: 416-916-2527
Email: skeptex2004@tc123.com

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... and if they read it after this Saturday, well, at least they'll learn the format — which is probably what they wanted to know in the first place.

That's not a fake press release, by the way. The event is really happening. Really. There's such a thing as being too skeptical, you know!

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