I Hate My VCR


That's my reaction to the "new and improved" user interface on today's
modern VCR's.

My ancient RCA VR617HF VCR finally died on me. So I bought a new VCR — a
Sony. I returned it within one hour when I found that when programming a
start/end time you had to scroll the time up and down — there was no way to
simply enter the numbers of the time.

After I returned the Sony, I checked out the Toshiba's user manual at the
store. Same problem. How about JVC? Same problem. Finally, I figured I'd
just get another RCA. I figured they probably wouldn't change the user


Okay, folks, I want a program to start at 6:00 AM. Why does the VCR not let
me simply press Zero Six Zero Zero?

No, that would be too easy. Instead, if it's 11:00 AM and I want to set the
VCR to start at 6:00 AM, I have to scroll the time with the arrow buttons.

Okay, so I understand that this scrolling method is more intuitive for some
people. Like, anybody who has never dialed a telephone. But why on earth
did the designers of the VCR have to disable the ability to enter numbers
directly? Or did it simply never occur to them that people might like to
... oh, I dunno ... enter numbers with a number pad? Was that too much of a mental leap for them?

I used to be able to program my VCR without looking at the remote or even
turning on the TV — I knew the menus by heart. Now, though, programming my
VCR is an annoying chore. Considering that I tape about three programs a
day — I almost never watch show "live" — this is quite frustrating.

Does somebody know of some way that a RCA DRC6300N (or similar) can be
programmed by pressing the number keys, instead of doing this time-consuming
scrolling procedure?

I'm so irritated by this that I'm going to include some keywords in this
blog entry, on the off-chance some clever person might spot it during a Google
search: TV VCR Remote Program. Enter Start Time Directly. Forced Scroll
Arrow Button Buttons Key Keys. Stupid Idiotic Annoying.

I said it before and I'll say it again: Arrrrrgh!

(By the way, why do VCR's still only support 8 programs? Hello?
Haven't these guys heard that memory is, like, really inexpensive? Arrrrrgh!)

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